Using the TSPC DLL for Custom Applications
All of the following DLL example programs use Microsoftís Excel (97 or higher) for the programming environment. Though various development environments can utilize the DLLís, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, LabView, HP VEE among others, Excel was chosen as being a common application available to a large user base.

Versions of the DLL are available for both 16 bit and 32 bit applications; however, these examples use the AiTspc.dll, which is meant for 32 bit Windows 95/98 applications. Other DLLís are available for 32 bit NT/2000 applications, or 16 bit Windows 3.1 applications.

The various DLL files and a demonstration program (DDP1100 - 16 bit only) are available for download and function with the AI-150 and AI-410 products. Running the DDP1100 setup program automatically installs the required files in order to use the following Excel files.

Generate OSI and Re-order Tone
Create an Open Switching Interval (OSI) with a duration of 800 msec, which is then followed by the re-order tone (480 Hz & 620 Hz, 250 msec on, 250 msec off).
Excel File68 KBDownload
Send Type 1 (on-hook) Caller ID Message
Ring telephone for 2 seconds, then send a FSK Multiple Message format Caller ID signal containing date/ time and calling number information.
Excel File72 KBDownload
Generate Howler Tone
Create a "Howler tone" which sweeps through the frequency range 'of 1500 to 3200 Hz and with signal levels from -23.8 dBm to +8.2 dBm (open circuit).
Excel File70 KBDownload
Send a Repeating DTMF Digit
Repeatedly sends a single DTMF digit (or any dual frequency tone) with a specified duration and interval. Counts the number of pulses detected from the TSPC's digital input.
Excel File78 KBDownload
Example of a CPE Testing Program
Program follows a series to steps for testing a specific telephone. This includes waiting for the telephone to go off-hook, echo back of DTMF digits, detecting line reversals, and detecting 12/16 kHz metering pulses.
Excel File95 KBDownload
Send Type 1 Caller ID Message with OSI's
Rings the telephone and then sends a FSK Multiple Message format Caller ID signal. However an OSI is generated both before and after the FSK signal.
Excel File76 KBDownload
Capture DTMF Dialing Digits
Captures and displays up to 16 DTMF digits dialed from a telephone.
Excel File99 KBDownload